Over 35 years , Cagdas Hosiery  has solely been sock manufacturer. Throughout those years ;  Cagdas Hosiery kept all accumulated knowledge and expertise in house and transferred  this to the next generations. Today , Cagdas Hosiery is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkish Sock industry with its 20.000m2 closed area in  İkitelli factory .

Cagdas Hosiery has always re –invested into its core business and now reached over  50.000.000  (fifty million )  pairs of socks per  year . Cagdaş Hosiery focuses on exports  and  %100 of its capacity is exported to the European  Countries as well as to  the USA markets.

Cagdas Hosiery has  roughly  700 machines with a  broad range of machinery groups,having  both single cyclinder and double cyclinder hosiery machines; these are mechanical hosiery machines pioneered by the famous Bentley Group namely  Komet machines and  electronic hosiery machines made by the Italian Lonati Group,branded as  Sangiocomo and Lonati,whereas in our Irmac  type machines , we  produce Pelerine type socks  for babies, kids and  ladies.We can produce heavy gauge socks in 3gg-6gg-9gg machine sets which  are capable of producing ski socks,trekking socks,training socks,running socks and various technical socks.We have ample capacity for production programs such as school socks.

Our boarding and packing department  has a capacity of 300.000 dz of socks per month in its Helliot type  modern steam boarding machines.

The toe- closing department has Rosso and Conti toe seam machines as well as having  hosiery machines equiped with automatic LinToe classic toe closing capabilities.                    

We have a large and elegantly designed showroom for our customers  where we display a wide range of socks produced in our factory.

With the work force of 500 employees,we manage to cater our customer’s expectations,producing high quality socks.


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